About the Book
Notes on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was written for people who use CFD in their work, research or study, providing essential knowledge to perform CFD analysis with confidence. It offers a modern perspective on CFD with the finite volume method, as implemented in OpenFOAM and other popular general-purpose CFD software. Fluid dynamics, turbulence modelling and boundary conditions are presented alongside the numerical methods and algorithms in a series of short, digestible topics, or notes, that contain complete, concise and relevant information. The book benefits from the experience of the authors: Henry Weller, core developer of OpenFOAM since writing its first lines in 1989; and, Chris Greenshields, who has delivered over 650 days of CFD training with OpenFOAM.

Accessing the Book
Notes on Computational Fluid Dynamics can be read for free on this site by following the links in the contents above. It can also be obtained as a paperback book from Amazon for $29.95 (or equivalent currency) from the regions listed in the links in the right sidebar of these web pages.

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Referencing the Book
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Notes on CFD: General Principles